Why Choose us?

Our restoration experts are specialist

Our professionals are trained and experienced as well as qualified to handle anymold remediation, mold removal and resolve the issue within hours.

We support all insurance carriers

You do not need come out of pocket for your emergency restoration and repairs if you are properly insured. Our certified technicians will collect and record all the necessary data to help facilitate a property insurance claim on your behalf.We carefully document, log and create the necessary reports that are required to ensure that your insurance claim is properly presented and justified. Insurance companies and their adjusters trust Dry Lab Restoration to properly restore and protect covered property whether it be damaged due to water, fire or mold.

Our pricing easily match your budget

We are locally owned and our pricing will easily match your budget while receiving an experts approach to resolve your mold mold issue.

Free Inspection

We provide a free property inspection for mold related issues without any strings or obligation.

Mold Damage

Mold grows where there is moisture. There is a decent consensus in the scientific community that exposure to mold results in respiratory ailments like cough,wheezing and even asthma. In fact, a certain variety of mold called “toxic mold” (one that produces mycotoxins) has also led to neurological problems and sometimes death in certain instances.

The number of American citizens developing an allergy to mold has increased in the recent past prompting the government to develop national policy around mold remediation.

Since the home is where we spend most of our life it is important if not critical to contain the growth of mold in our homes. At Drylab Restoration we take pride in being one of the most sought after mold remediation service provider in Florida state.

Popular Questions

  • How soon can the company come out for an emergency water damage or flood situation?

    Dry Lab Restoration will dispatch a professional remediation technician to your site with our emergency team. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • How long will it take to dry my property?

    We are usually able to dry structures in 3-4 days, though some jobs require more time due to the magnitude of water damage as well as what type of water is involved (sewage backup, ground water, etc.). We keep our customers aware of every step of the process.

  • What if I do not have Insurance coverage?

    We understand that not all home or business owners have coverage. Our team will work with you and your budget in order to get your specific needs taken care of. We are here to help the community as well as the economy. It is possible that we can devise a payment plan and we also take Visa and MasterCard as well.

  • How long does it take for mold to grow once a water loss has occurred?

    Molds are found virtually everywhere and molds can grow both indoors and outdoors within 24 hours of the start of water damage/sewage back up.

  • Is your company experienced in mold removal?

    DryLab Restoration offers top notch experts in mold remediation. The presence of mold on a property is a troublesome and unhealthy problem. This is why we employ methods to ensure inhabitantsʼ safety. As part of our dedication to excellence, we have adopted IICRCSS20 Standard Reference Guide for removal. This is one of the most comprehensive courses of action for mold remediation.

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