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As a family-owned-and-operated company, we care about you and your family.The service we provide is not about the bottom line, but your safety, security, and stability. When youʼre looking for a trustworthy fire damage restoration company.

We only work with the best equipment

Allow us to help you pick up the pieces when your home has been through a fire.After the smoke clears, the skilled team at Dry Lab Restoration provides complete fire damage restoration.

24/7 Emergency Fire Cleanup & Repair Service

We are supremely fast in responding to the crisis. Our emergency services are available 24/7, and our professionals immediately reach the site to mitigate the damage.

Home & Commercial Fire Restoration, Cleanup & Reconstruction

We handle every aspect of any kind of fire damage restoration, without you coordinating different vendors for demolition, smoke deodorization, contents cleaning, or reconstruction.

Fire Damage

Fires can be catastrophic to your life and property. Their destructive power often leaves an overwhelming amount of damage. Thatʼs where we come in – Dry Lab Restoration Services works with fire damage of all magnitudes.In our combined 25 years of experience, we have perfected the fire restoration process.

Details are important when responding to a fire loss. Whether itʼs securing the property, cleaning or reconstruction, experience is paramount. Allied Restoration handles every aspect of any kind of fire damage restoration, without you coordinating different vendors for demolition, smoke deodorization, contents cleaning, or reconstruction.

Put your property in good hands – we will work with you to develop a comprehensive fire restoration plan to fix smoke or fire damage and return your home or business to itʼs original condition in a timely manner. Our team has a strong focus in customer service so you can rest easy that we are working to make this a stress-free experience.

Popular Questions

  • What can I clean on my own?

    Itʼs frustrating waiting around with all that devastation in front of you, but most people donʼt have the training, equipment, or cleaning products to deal with the situation. Trying to clean something by yourself can have the opposite effect and ruin something that could have been salvaged by an expert. While you wait for a restoration team to arrive, sort through items as much as possible and set aside items that should be considered top priorities for restoration. Fragile, expensive items such as computers and TVs must be restored sooner than everyday dishes. This will help the technicians know where to start when they arrive.

  • How long will restoration take?

    The length of time depends on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the restoration. A fire in a single room will take less time to restore than an entire floor,while a contemporary building that doesnʼt have to comply with historical neighborhood codes or require hard to find replacement items will be completed sooner.

  • When is it safe to turn on the furnace/air conditioning again?

    Never turn on the furnace or AC until itʼs been thoroughly checked by a technician.The system could have been damaged by the fire without your knowledge, and using it can cause new problems. You also want to be sure the system wonʼt pump soot and smoke through your home.

  • Do I have to pack up my belongings?

    We prefer to restore items on-site as much as possible. Sometimes thatʼs not an option; an item may be too damaged, or the building may not be structurally sound enough to safely allow our employees to work there. In situations like these, we will carefully inventory any items we remove from the premises, and pack-out and transport them to our secure facility for restoration. Occasionally there are high-value items, such as artwork, that require the services of a dedicated specialist for restoration. In these situations, weʼll work with your insurance company to find a qualified specialist to take the project.

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